Corporate Adventure Training


Corporate Adventure Training

Yada, Yada, Yada… another boring educational seminar? Not with Corporate Synergy Inc.!
We have incorporated cutting edge human resource and organization development theories into exciting, outdoor experiential programs. Utilizing some of the activities found in adventure racing, Corporate Synergy can help your associates expand their comfort zones, build friendships and develop trust. Through experience based learning and skilled facilitation, Corporate Synergy Inc. can help your teams improve communication, coordination and cooperation. We have developed a program unlike any other in North America with an emphasis on, fun, problem solving, and transference of learned skills back to the workplace. Maximize the potential of your team by signing up for corporate adventure training experience today!

Adventure (Race) Weekends

Adventure Race Weekends

Are you looking for something different? Are you and your friends tired of whitewater rafting year after year? Perhaps you might be interested in navigating through the forest with only a map and compass to guide you, or rappelling off the side of a 30 metre cliff, or paddling across a quiet lake in a canoe with kayak paddles… These are only some of the activites available during our Adventure Weekends. Or, perhaps your are an individual who is interested in learning the skills associated with the growing sport of ADVENTURE RACING. Or you may be part of a team who would like to improve their race standing. Regardless of your motive, a Synergy Adventure Training ADVENTURE RACE CLINIC will improve your confidence at the starting line and help you reach your goals at the finish. Simply click on the link above or below and learn how Synergy Adventure Training help you realize your adventurous spirit.

Youth Adventure Programs

Perhaps you find yourself working with individual youths or youth groups. Synergy Adventure Training can work with these individuals to improve self esteem, self confidence and team spirit. Once again, adventure racing activities can be utilized to improve trust and communication. These activities can benefit peer groups, students and educators, parents and children, and coaches and teams.